Homemade bass guitar

I created it in three weeks. It cost about 150$ . It was the first my project. please coment.

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  1. Dan Burdette says:

    Sounds good and punchy. If that’s really your first…I’d say you’re on your way to being a master craftsman. I’ve always liked the concept of a short string span on the body.

    Have you ever checked out the Alembic Club online? They have a section entitled Factory to Customer that shows some methods for an influence.

  2. thomassegaert says:

    it’s frettles, he’s putting his fingers in the wrong place

  3. BassOutcast says:

    Dude … tune it :)

  4. Insederec Fox says:

    You don’t buy frets… usually. You buy fret wire.


    has anyone ever tried buying frets on ebay?

  6. 1Ma9iN8tive says:

    Great stuff man…

  7. ThefirstPirate says:

    You are my lovely man! :D
    Man, I came here, I don’t know why, I wanted some RHCP
    And from nowhere, you played those songs !! <3

  8. Dawud lucca says:

    @bandproduction trust me that would be a very long video.

  9. Mod Bass says:

    This is ace! Please take a mo to check out my bass covers! Cheers!

  10. Joe Armstrong says:

    It looks very nice good job

  11. Jack Gann says:

    did you make the pickup?

  12. Rony Slaviero says:

    YEAHH hahahaha

  13. TheMattfire says:

    Excellent, and good tone too, I am a designer and I am very impressed.

    Do you make bass on a regular basis?.

    Kind regards.

    Matt Fire

    Best regards.

    Matt Fire

  14. Ralph Moore says:

    Good work, the bass looks very good. It sounds clear and very ‘fretless’.
    Greetings from a german -hobby-bass-builder

  15. Bassplayer8705 says:

    What’d you use for wood for the body? @ KeT…it’s fretless…evwn if its completely in tune even the smallest fraction of an inch above or below where the fret would be will make it sharp or flat. Love fretless. Nice lookin body

  16. KeTeVemCovers says:

    Needs a bit of tuning but it sounds great!

  17. bandproduction says:

    Show a video on how to make a bass guitar pleaseeeeee

  18. Shekcious says:

    where are the frets?

  19. berkcancosan says:

    Or how did you make the amp?

  20. tbone926 says:

    good job

  21. PrimusSucksOnThis says:

    La Bamba

  22. ameerhamid89 says:

    What’s the song you start playing at 0:20?

  23. Theo Beech says:


  24. Peter Wellman says:

    Killer tone!

  25. SpecificlySam says:

    can u tell me how to make that bass guitar

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